Turning Point In My Life Essay


Good Morning everybody? How are you Today?

It’s a great pleasure for me to greet you here today.

My name is Simon. Do you guys have any turning point in your life? Definitely, yes. Everybody has turning point in our life. We can have different memorable events  in our lives. Some can be exciting, entertaining while others can be unpleasant and boring.

When I was in the 7th grade. I moved to Hong Kong with my grandparents. I studied there one year. First day, I went to school with my grandfather because he wanted me to introduce with all the teacher. Principle asked some questions, I answered all of them. Then he said go to your class. I went to my class. When I entered in my class room, Most of the students laughed at me. I realized they are talking about me. In that class most of the students were Chinese. One boy said, who is this monkey? Hey man, where are you from? Are you from Africa? I didn’t say anything. I realized how uncivilized friends. I felt boring. Few months later, Midterm result published. I got first position in Mathematics and science. They amazed. Then, they started introducing with me. Some of them liked me very much. Still some of them are on Facebook friend list.

According to school rule, every Friday we used to give Five minute speech in any topics. Few days later, I participated in speech competition but I didn’t get any position. My English teacher said to me, I like your speech. Very good try keep it up. Next time you will win. I still remember, she was very kind hearted person.

Again few months later, I participated in Poetry competition. Finally somebody called me on the stage. I went there to recite my poem. When everyone’s turn was over head teacher appeared on the stage. According to result, I got first position. I was very happy but our head teacher Mr. park was extremely disappointed with me. He slapped on my arm rapidly, Rajan this is not your creation. You are very small. You can’t write poem about patriotism. You don’t have good knowledge about English literature. Don’t make me mad stupid. Your speech was ok but you copied from someone else. I can’t believe you because you are new in this school. After that, he opened oxford Dictionary, asked me more than 30 difficult vocabulary words. He made me very Nervous. Whatever I wrote. In fact, I composed myself. I asked why you cancelled my poem. I couldn’t get any answer. I wasn’t  too interested in literature and speech before that event. Somebody discriminate me. After that event made me more and more interested. 1 year later I left that school. They discriminate me a lot.

 When I finished high school. My grandfather helped me to publish my first book. Book was about human relationship. Right now, three books are ready for publish.

Two and half years ago I moved to USA with my parents. My grandfather was heavy smoker. One year ago he died cause of lung cancer. I’m so sad. All the time He used to say, “Whatever you do, do your best and love it!”

After his death, I decided to learn medical science. I have a great dream. If I can do this, I do feel that my life is completely successful.

Different situations bring different changes in our life. Without discipline, no matter how good you are, you are nothing! When you do something definitely, you will get something please never ever give up. So always don’t stop effort until your victory makes a history.

Rajan Thapaliya

New York USA.

Email- rajanthapaliya@gmail.com

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A Turning Point in my Life

Getting my tonsils out was a big turning point in my life. It happened around the summer of my 6th grade year. I was excited to get them out because I was having too much trouble breathing and I had too much problems with sore throats in the winter.

During the process of going to getting them out I was kind of afraid because it was the first time I’ve ever gotten surgery or even been in the agnostic room. I went to the hospital at 6 am and I didn’t get out there until noon. The moment I walked into the hospital I automatically felt butterflies in my stomach and the moment I got out of the agnostic room I felt annexations to get out and go home.

When I got them out, I felt relieved that they were out but in pain because of it. The first couple days were pretty harsh because I was basically knocked out for most of the day and didn’t do anything but lie on my bed. My parents got worried that maybe I could get dehydrated or maybe get sick, so they made me get up everyday and try to eat and drink.

A couple of days later I started to fell a whole lot better. I was more active and I started to eat and drink better than I had been. But I still felt some pain because I wasn’t taken as much doses of the medicine that I was suppose to regularly.

A couple of weeks after I got my tonsils out, I was feeling like a new boy. I could sleep better, which meant that I could finally wake up early or in time for school. I could run and be active with out hesitation. I even lost a couple of pounds during the process.

I think from this moment getting my tonsils out was a turning point in my life.

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