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Tumblr is a great place, right? Whether we're looking for funny posts, GIFs of our favorite TV show or movie, or browsing for fan art, there's something on Tumblr for everyone. One of my favorite parts of scrolling through my dashboard is seeing all the funny stories people tell. Whether or not they're true, they still make me laugh. Some of them are sweet, some are funny, and some are just plain ridiculous. If someone is ever in need of a good laugh, reading some of the stories people put on Tumblr about their lives is a good way to get those giggles rolling. Check out this list of 15 of the funniest stories Tumblr users have shared that are totally worth reading to the end.

15 True Love

Now this is adorable. I wonder how their coffee date went! Did they each screenshot some of their favorite Tumblr posts to bring and share with each other? Did they take their laptops so they could browse while they got to know one another? I hope they followed each other after laughing about their pole collision. I can imagine meeting someone and we started dating, but then we followed them on Tumblr and saw they liked totally different shows or a different OTP than us and then our entire perception of them shifted. What a nightmare. No matter how great a relationship is, I think there are some couples in TV shows that would be an absolute deal breaker. Just kidding... Kind of. I have some pretty strong feelings about how awful a few pairings are. This is why I could never date someone with a Tumblr account.

14 Always Pay Attention In Class

Something like this happened in a class I was in once. This kid wasn't paying attention, so the teacher called on him and wrote a big "C" on the board. The teacher asked whether it was a capital or lower case letter and the kid kind of freaked out. The whole class laughed, but I think that poor kid thought it was a serious question and he had just failed some kind of a quiz. Somehow, it didn't occur to him that it was impossible to tell and we weren't in an English class. When we get called out for not paying attention during class, logic goes out the window. We just have to throw out any guess we can think of and hope we're at least somewhat right. Even if we're definitely not.

13 This Helpful Kid

Well, this is adorable. Also, did every school have a weird horse girl? Like, I think looking back on people I went to elementary school with, "Weird Horse Girl" is one of the stereotypes I remember. I was friends with the one at my school and, for a few days, I was a weird horse girl. The girl I befriended was teaching me to be a horse with her. Some might be wondering what becoming a horse involves, so let me explain. The first day was jumping, where she taught me how to climb up on the benches on all fours and then jump off. The second day was running, so we would lay on the swings on our stomachs and run like horses in the gravel. Day three is when she lost me because that was when she tried teaching me to eat grass.

12 Getting Called Out For Those Lies

Honestly, who can say they've never done something like this? If there's a person out there who has honestly never said they were on their way or almost at a location when they were still sitting at home, not even close to being on their way, then I don't know how. That's pretty much one of the steps in my 'getting ready' routine. First I shower, then I sit on my bed in my towel and just stare, then I tell someone I'm on my way before I actually start getting dressed. Luckily, no one has ever managed to call me out on it. Although, I'm sure my friends all know that I'm lying when I say I'm on my way. Until they actually see my car pull up, they probably just think, "Yeah, sure you are."

11 I Live In Fear Of Doing This

Oh God, I'm always so scared I'm gonna accidentally do this! I usually type emails without the sender put in so that I can type the entire thing and not worry about accidentally sending it. Then, I copy and paste it into the actual reply with the other person's email typed in. Is it an extra step? Yes, but it makes sure I never accidentally send an email that's half written or has something in it that I don't want to send. For instance, sometimes if I can't think of the word I want, I just put in "????" where it's supposed to go and then go back later to put the actual word in. Imagine how mortified I would be if I accidentally sent something like, "Hello, I'm contacting you about the ????? we discussed."

10 I Hope They Got Married

I wish something cool like this would happen to me! I once AirDropped a baby picture of someone to another phone in the drive through at McDonald's. Nothing cool happened, I immediately turned Bluetooth and AirDrop off and drove away. Maybe I was missing out on an epic love story like this person got with their Starbucks. Would they have paid for my nuggets? Given me a hot fudge sundae? Who knows what could've happened, if only I hadn't driven away. Okay, probably nothing. But this person's story is still hilarious. It's definitely one that makes us wonder if it really happened, but either way it's funny. I hope they lived happily ever after. Who needs a love letter when we can AirDrop a picture of a dog to a stranger's computer in Starbucks?

9 This Is A Good Fear

This is actually a really good icebreaker. It's a fact, it's funny, and it's personal. Whenever we had to do icebreakers in any classes I had, they were the worst. First of all, I never knew what to say. I don't know any cool facts about myself. And apparently, neither does anyone else because so much of that time was spent with people going, "Ummm... I'm Sally and... Uhh... I don't know..." And then they would nervously laugh and the teacher would pry and ask them some questions until they finally said something about themselves. After a while, we should learn to come up with a go-to answer so we can avoid awkward moments like that. This one about bears is as good of an icebreaker as any.

8 I Think This Is Cute? Maybe?

This one isn't really a story, but I had to include it anyway. I honestly don't even know what to say about this. I think it's cute? But I honestly can't tell because it's just so strange. But first of all, to answer the post, I would never date a moth. Moths are creepy. So are butterflies, I'm sorry. I don't have anything against any animal or insect or living being and I know they all contribute to the world in their own way, but some of them just creep me out. So, while this is probably adorable, I'm just creeped out by the thought of dating a moth. I'm sure that moths do take their dates to really romantic, well-lit dates, though. I bet it's adorable, but I want no part in it.

7 What A Cute Duet

This is absolutely precious. That person just made that random drunk guy's night! This is another one that kind of makes me wonder if it really happened, but I don't care enough about that to question it too much. This story, real or fake, is hilarious and adorable. I want to believe it really happened and that drunk guy had the night of his life thinking Jesus really wanted to accompany his singing. Anyone who has ever had a little too much to drink will know it's small things like the person in this post that really make us happy. We all know we think we're the most amazing singer and dancer while intoxicated. But it's a different story when we're sober. But as bad as we are at singing and dancing, that doesn't stop us from showing the world what we're made of.

6 Absolutely Savage

This mom is such a savage. Honestly, whenever I have kids in the future, I'm gonna have to remember this for when they do something bad. Is it kind of mean? Sure, but it's also hilarious. Once the kid is done being mad that they're in trouble for whatever they did, I'm sure they'll find it funny, too. And if they don't? Oh well, at least I will have amused myself. Plus, I'll know my kid doesn't have a very good sense of humor. Just kidding! (Mostly.)

This is honestly one of those things I would want to say when the conversation is going on, but then forget all about until later when it's not cool or relevant to say anymore. Isn't that always how the cool comebacks go?

5 Siri Is Just Trying To Be Helpful

This is so dramatic. Also, 28 events in July? That is a lot. I don't think I have 28 events in a whole year. I'm glad Siri used her last words before the phone died to express her concern that this Tumblr user's mom might be in over her head with her calendar. Who says artificial intelligence and robots are just out to get humans? Siri is very caring. My phone would probably not be so kind to me because I'm pretty rude to it. I accidentally hold the home button down a lot trying to use Touch ID to unlock my phone and then get mad when Siri pops up and asks what I want. Then, I yell at her for just doing her job.

4 The Cutest Story

No matter how many times I see this story, it will forever be the cutest thing ever. I'm glad this grandpa had a good time on his date, I hope they went on a second and a third together, too. I don't know what it is, but something about older people doing anything is adorable. Is that bad to say? I hope not, but if this was a post about someone who is my age and said this, I wouldn't really care. I'd think it was cute and everything, but I'd just keep scrolling and not think it was that big of a deal. But this Tumblr user's grandpa saying it? Now I need an oxygen tank because the cuteness is too much to take! I will never not want to reblog and show everyone I know this post. This is what love should be about.

3 My New Idol

I love Jim Carrey. He's one of those celebrities that, no matter what bad things people claim they said or did, I will still love him. He's hilarious and every story I hear about him doing something, it's always silly like this. I guess it should've been obvious that he'd be as funny in person as he is in his character form. As for the scripts that say "Jim Carrey proceeds to act like Jim Carrey," I totally believe it. Heck, I'm sure most script writers add a few lines for his character to say and then tell him to ad-lib everything else. He's a genius in front of the camera. He doesn't even need scripted lines, they can just assign him the character and let him take it where it needs to go. How many other actors can do that successfully?

2 A Cultural Tip

I have no idea if this is true. I am not Australian, I don't know anyone who is, and I've never been to Australia yet. So, do they really say this? Or were those Australians just messing with this person in the hopes that they'd spread this information and look like a silly American? Who knows. Well, other than people in Australia who either say this all the time or have never heard it. Either way, I want to start saying this new phrase all the time. It probably won't have the same impact since I'm not Australian and there aren't a super high number of spiders where I live, though. I'm not gonna let that stop me. It's hilarious and it definitely makes a statement. Whoever reads this blurb - let's spread the phrase!

1 Not Jason

I used to have a Not-Jason in my life. Well, I didn't call him Not-Jason, but another Not-Something name. I don't remember what it was anymore, but we went to school together and he was friends with some of my friends. Since we weren't directly friends, I never learned his name. But, I knew something that his name wasn't. So, I used this Tumblr user's approach and just called him Not-Jake or whatever the other name was. I still don't remember his name to this day, but he answered to the name that I had come up with for him, so it all worked out. I'm so glad I saw this post and learned that I'm not alone in calling people stuff like this when I don't know their actual name. Maybe I'm not as weird as I thought I was.

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