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(Myassignmenthelp.com Reviews #1 Australian Assignment Writing Expert)
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(Myassignmenthelp.com Reviews #1 Australian Assignment Writing Expert)
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    Sometimes you might have information from a source that would normally seem credible due to the source's position or affiliations with credible organizations, but you also find contradictory information from other normally credible sources. In these cases you might present information from all sources to show that there is a question as to which information source is valid.

    For example, we have this account of events from Samuel Arnold's Juvenile Amusements in 1797:

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    All the king's horses and all the king's men
    Couldn't put Humpty together again.

    Other sources present more specific, although conflicting versions of the story. An 1810 account from Gammer Gurton's Garland by Joseph Ritson gives an exact count of the men who came to help, but doesn't mention horses at all:

    Humpty Dumpty sate [sic] on a wall,
    Humpti Dumpti [sic] had a great fall;
    Threescore men and threescore more,
    Cannot place Humpty Dumpty as he was before.  

    To complicate matters further in 1842, James Orchard Halliwell published this version of the story which has Humpty Dumpty falling into a mountain stream, with doctors and builders attending to his injuries:

    Humpty Dumpty lay in a beck.
    With all his sinews around his neck;
    Forty Doctors and forty wrights
    Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty to rights!

    Since we can't reasonably determine which version of events might be true, it is acceptable to present all accounts, while attributing the various accounts to their sources. For example we might sum up these three accounts of Humpty Dumpty's accident like this:

    Humpty Dumpty had an accident which resulted in serious injury. Accounts vary but Samuel Arnold and Joseph Ritson stated that Mr. Dumpty fell from a wall, while James Orchard Halliwell said that Mr. Dumpty “lay in a beck” or a mountain stream. The accounts estimated that as many as 120 men and possibly an unknown number of horses came to his aid but were unable to restore Mr. Dumpty to health.

    “Humpty Dumpty” Wikipedia, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humpty_Dumpty. Accessed 3 Feb. 2017


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