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Walk Two Moons

In Walk Two Moons , by Sharon Creeh, death is somethin! that ha""ens and it is #ery sad but the haraters learn to o#erome it, these haraters are Sal, Sal$s mother, and %ram"s, and they learn this throu!hout the story&Some of the haraters of the that are in#ol#edin this are %ram"s, Sal, Sal's mom and Sal's Brother&I think that death is one of the main themes of this book&Sal real name is Salamana Tree (iddle, she is )* years old& (er hometown is Bybanks, +entuky&She has a best friend alled hoebe Winterbottom & She does not likes ars, "lanes, "re!nant & She lo#es trees, and also blakberries&When Sal$s Mom dies, she starts to learn about death, later in the story she will learn more& Sal does not like ars beause her mother died in a ar aident& Sal started learnin! that"eo"le around her really make an differene on her life& She used to do lots of thin!s with her mother, for e-am"le they would !o eat blakberries while Sal was small, bak in the Bybanks& When Sal$s mom died, it had a !reat im"at on Sal$s life, and one .uote that "ro#es that is

Essay Topic 1

Compare Sal's grandparents on each side of her family: their personalities, relationships, and roles in the story.

Essay Topic 2

What does the title of the story mean? Why do you think the author chose this title for the story? Use specific examples from the novel to support your points.

Essay Topic 3

Describe the factors that motivated Sal's mother to leave her family. Use specific quotes from the novel.

Essay Topic 4

In what ways is Phoebe's mother similar to Sal's mother? In what ways are they different?

Essay Topic 5

Why is Sal angry at her mother for leaving? What does being angry accomplish for Sal?

Essay Topic 6

Describe the settings in which the novel primarily takes place. How do each of these settings affect the story?

Essay Topic 7

A foil in literature refers to a character that highlights the traits of another character in order to make...

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