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Name: Rinzin Wangmo

D.O.B.: 06th - June - 1989

Gender: Female

Hobbies: Dancing, Singing & Hosting

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The horrible dream

Last night was different from a usual night. It was getting dark very early and weather was colder than before. I looked outside through the window crack. Trees were shaking. It looked like the wind was playing with the trees. At the same time, some street dogs were barking very loudly as if they had been without food for a few days. I went into a classroom with some of my family photos. While I was reminiscing and looking at those photos, it reminded me of my family and some of my friends. I didn't know how fast time had gone. When I went back to my bed, all my roommates were sleeping deeply I wondered why they had gone to bed earlier than usual? I checked my watch, it was 11.30. Again I came outside and I looked around our school. I could see thousands of bright stars in the sky. It as if, they waving to me, but suddenly, the cold wind warned me to go back to my room. I tried to sleep but I couldn't, I heard a flock of birds squawking, so I covered my head with pillows and I slept very deeply and had a strange dream, which I didn’t want to happened.

In my dream, my dad told me on the phone that, he felt sick. I felt very nervous and I run towards him as quick as possible but, it was as difficult as climbing the desert mountain. It was very hard to reach him. At last, I got there but my father had already died. The house was empty, I called father three times but nobody responded. Then I realized that he had left me alone. I didn't see anything and it was like full of thick cloud in front of my eyes. After sometimes, I saw some monks but they didn't talk to me. My eyes brimmed with tears. I cried very loudly. Tears automatically rolled down from my eyes.
I felt, I would never see him again. This strong feeling woke me up. My pillow was wet with my tears. I looked at my watch. It was 4.30 I didn't want to get up from my cozy bed so I slept again. When I realized, it was all a dream. I calmed down but my heart was still beating really fast. I expected to break down very soon because I wanted to make a phone call to my family and I wanted to know about him. After two class finished I called him. I was delighted to hear his soft voice. My pain was healed.



Update: My teacher gave me 89 points!

Last time I wanted you to rate my spoken Chinese, now I let you to take a look at one of my essays in Chinese. I was really surprised when I got 89 points from my first essay at writing course (写作课). And even more surprised when I heard that the best essay was written by a French girl who got 90 points. Even teacher didn’t guess that the best essays would come from two Europeans!

That essay’s topic was quite boring for you, just ideas what I wanted from our course. That’s why I’m letting you read my second essay (in the picture above!) which was written based on a few pictures on our textbook. The first essay was written at home and I used about two or three hours to write it. The second one had to be written during class and we only had 45 minutes. I used 50 minutes and still the essay is too short!

I’m not telling you just yet how many points my teacher gave me, but I would like you to grade this essay! How many points you want to give me? Remember that 100 points is the best score and if it’s lower than 60, I guess it’s failed.

Let the grading begin!

Just to note we had our books and dictionaries infront of us when writing, but there wasn’t too much time to use them!

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