Islamic Civilization Contributions To World Culture Dbq Essay

Sharmin SultanaBand GDBQ: ISLAMIC CIVILIZATIONS- ITS CONTRIBUTIONS TO WORLD CULTUREPART A- Document 1: What were the reasons for Muslim interest in learning? The Muslims were interested in learning because it benefited them in many ways. If physicians were knowledgeable, they would be good at treating the ill. Knowledgeable mathematicians and astronomers could calculate the times of prayer and the direction of Mecca. As you can see, knowledge can sometimes save lives and sometimes can aid you in following your religion so Muslims tried to learn as much asthey could so they could benefit from it.Document 2: What conditions in Cordova does this author cite as evidence of the high level of Islamic civilizations and scholarship? This author cites that the Islamic capital of Cordova had “37 libraries, numberless bookstores, 800 public schools… and a total population of 300.000.” This quote is evidence of the high level of Islamic civilizations and scholarship because it shows the refinement and luxury people were living within. The author also compares these streets to those ofParis and London by comparing that while people in Cordova walked on paved stones, Parisians andLondoners were walking on paths made of mud. This shows the advancement of the city unlike most others of that time. Document 3: What does this document tell you about Muslim medical knowledge? This document tells us that Muslim medical knowledge was advanced and influential to the other geographical territories at this time. The Muslim texts such as the Comprehensive Bookby al-Razi and The Canon of Medicineby ibn Sina had valuable medical information and the Europeans wanted them. Though they had to translate it first, these texts were used by future centuries for their benefit in medicinal situations.How did it impact Western civilizations? Muslim medical knowledge impacted Western civilizations because it was a vital reference source that was used many years after. It was influentialto doctors of Europe in the past and is influential to all doctors and scientist today.Document 4: What is the importance of these mathematical advances? These mathematical advances were very important because they are the basis of the advanced algebra that we have today. If it weren’t for these mathematical advances we wouldn’t be learning about it in school and applying it to our daily lives unless some other person in history came up with the concepts of algebra.How did these developments impact Western civilizations? The Western civilization is impacted

...´╗┐Talia Firenze Mr. Ward AP World History 8 March 2015 Islamic Women The rise and expansion of Islam both broadened and restricted women's rights throughout the 20th century. There is evidence of prior advancements towards women's rights found in the ancient writings of The Holy Qur'an. Women in every religion, especially Islam, had to fight for their own rights. In Islam, that fight is continuing and many documents, photos, quotes and other sources show the back-and-forth struggle to get women out from under the veils and into the lights. Writings in the Qur'an show that there was a time of praising women for their work. Mohammad Keramat Ali said, in The Message: Selected Verses from The Holy Qur'an, "I shall not lose sight of the work of any of you who works (in My way) be it man or woman." That statement is clear proof that at the start of Islam, women were not viewed as inferior to men in a credible man's eyes. At the same time, other writings in The Holy Qur'an, one specifically by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, shows the belief that the Prophet must tell women to "draw their veils" because it is more likely they will not be hurt if they are covered. This infers that an exposed woman is a women in danger. The Prophet Muhammad was one of the main sources in The Holy Qur'an and he was known to love and respect his wife, Khadijah. With that respect of women in mind, other women became his earliest and bravest followers of his revelations. Muhammad's...

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