Edexcel Gcse Drama Unit 3 Assignment Brief 2014

Unit 3 is your practical examination, worth 40 per cent of your total drama course mark.

This Revision Bite will give you the low-down on the options you can choose, and what will be expected of you.

What's Unit 3 about? The options

Unit 3 is your chance to shine like a star, and show off your true acting capabilities as a performer. Or if you'd prefer, you can demonstrate your design skills behind the scenes, perhaps by working on costume or lighting.

Your options

  • Option a: Devised performance
  • Option b: Scripted performance
  • Option c: A combination of the above
  • Option d: Performance support

Note that Unit 3 is assessed by an external examiner. You will have only one chance to perform, so rehearsing beforehand is a must.

NB - this content refers to the Edexcel [Edexcel: One of the examining boards which set out what you study during your course. If you're not sure which examining board you use, ask your teacher. ] examination - if you're not sure which exam board you study, ask your teacher.

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